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Kidney ECM cell culture substrates

Extracellular matrix (ECM) is a major component of the cell microenvironment with important signaling and regulatory functions. Derived from healthy acellular porcine kidney, TissueSpec® kidney matrix is rich in basement membrane proteins including collagen IV, laminins, and fibronectin and regulates key pathways in kidney development – including ureteric bud branching morphogenesis, renal tubule differentiation, glomerular assembly, and nephron formation – as well as in kidney repair and disease.

TissueSpec® Kidney Scaffolds signaled kidney stem cell formation of renal tubule structures similar to those in the renal medulla.

Item: MTSKY101 TissueSpec® ECM Hydrogel  Instructions Datasheet
Item: MTSKY201
NativeCoat™ ECM Surface Coating 
Item: MTSKY300
TissueSpec® ECM Scaffold (custom)


Available Lines

Item #Product Name
MTSKY101 TissueSpec® Kidney ECM Hydrogel MTSKY101 TissueSpec® Kidney ECM Hydrogel Applications Instructions
MTSKY201 NativeCoat™ Kidney ECM Surface Coating MTSKY201 NativeCoat™ Kidney ECM Surface Coating Instructions Datasheet

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Custom Matrix Formats

TissueSpec® ECM scaffolds are available through custom order. Xylyx Bio also specializes in isolating extracellular matrix from additional tissues or specific regions within tissues of interest as well as other sources (e.g., human).

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The regulation of growth and metabolism of kidney stem cells with regional specificity using extracellular matrix derived from kidney. Biomaterials. (2013)


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