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IN SITE™ Metastasis Kit

IN SITE™ Metastasis Kit
IN SITE™ Metastasis Kit

Recapitulation of complex cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions is key to identify drivers of metastasis and targets for therapeutic intervention. IN SITE™ Metastasis Kit contains bone, liver and lung ECMs that provide tissue-specific compositions and mechanics to model colonization of tumor cells in a secondary site. 

Item: MTSMS101
IN SITE™ Metastasis
Hydrogel Kit  
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Item: MTSMS201 IN SITE™ Metastasis
Surface Coating Kit 

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Tissue-Specific ECM Substrates

Extracellular matrix hydrogel and surface coating cell culture kits.

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Custom ECM Formats

TissueSpec® ECM scaffolds are available through custom order. Xylyx Bio also specializes in isolating extracellular matrix from additional tissues or specific regions within tissues of interest as well as from other sources (e.g., human).

Other Culture Products

3D ECM Hydrogels

Culture your cells on the surface or within our cell-specific TissueSpec® ECM hydrogels to bring the complete, endogenous ECM environment into your in vitro setting.